Here is a listing of ingredients we use in our products.  Flours  for our anchor products were chosen for their nutritional value and their anti-inflammatory properties. Agave nectar was chosen as sweetener for it’s low glycemic index and taste.

  • Brown rice flour, Sorghum flour, Quinoa flour, Amaranth flour, Tapioca starch, Arrowroot starch, Flax seed meal, Coconut oil, Light olive oil, Filtered water, Agave nectar, Apple cider vinegar, Baking powder, Baking soda, Sea salt, Pure vanilla extract, Guar gum, Yeast, Fresh apples, Pure Pumpkin puree, Applesauce, Apple juice, Ascorbic acid.

As we add more products, we will add other ingredients that may be used.  If your diet prohibits any of our ingredients or you prefer a different sweetener, let us know and we may be able to customize your order.