Angel Bakes

started when my daughter and grand-kids  became ill with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities).  Changing their diet was foremost in their healing process. Becoming gluten free has greatly reduced some of their symptoms and improved their overall digestive health.  You can read about their story at

Anyway, Grandma (that’s me – Angela) learned to bake some great-tasting gluten free bread for her growing grandsons.  One does not live on bread alone, but it sure does make life better.  And finding a good tasting bread that fit their dietary needs was very difficult.  Yes, there are breads out there that are good, but I also wanted the nutrition factor and the anti-inflammatory factor too, besides the good taste and the fact that you didn’t have to freeze it to keep it fresh and moist, or toast it to make it palatable.  Throw in the desire for some sweets, and voila! we have apple muffins.  And pumpkin bars.  And, and, and….

Having heard the phrase – OMG, you should sell this – over and over again from everyone who’s tasted the bread, you can probably guess what came next.  The birth of Angel Bakes Gluten Free.

My business is run from my home kitchen under a newly enacted law called the Colorado Cottage Food Law. This allows me to make non-potentially hazardous foods in my home for sale to the public. It also allows me to make my own schedule and spend more time at home as caregiver for my 90yr old mom.  Since I work from home at this time, my products are not available for resale.

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!  I know you’ll enjoy my bread and muffins.  As a matter of fact, I pretty much guarantee it.